Shooting Range Decontamination

Ballistic block wall replacement.

Granular rubber backstop mining (lead and copper removal).

HEPA vacuuming of floors, walls, shooting stations and target tracks.

Deceleration chamber cleaning.

D-Lead Detergent decontamination wiping of floors, walls, shooting stations, target tracks and furniture.

Bullet Trap System Maintenance

During the decontamination process GB Lead Services will perform the following services:

Filter Replacement and Disposal

GB Lead Services supplies pre-filters and HEPA filters.

GB Lead Services offers scheduled filter replacement depending on range use. (Most HEPA filters are changed annually)

Removed filters will disposed of by a certified hazardous waste disposal company.

Waste will be disposed of with proper documentation and waste manifests will be provided to customers for records.

Commercial/Industrial Lead Paint Removal

Lead Testing

Air sampling/monitoring for lead. (Air cassettes)

Lead paint sampling.

Surface sampling for lead. (Dust wipe)

Soil sampling.

Filter lead concentration sampling.

Range Removal

Due to lack of use and dangerous conditions, many ranges installed in the last 30 years are no longer used. GB Lead Services specializes in removing inactive ranges.

Removal includes backstops, target systems, shooting booths, baffle systems, filter and air systems, etc. Ranges can be cleaned to a specification that would allow for a daycare to be used in the vacated area.

Steel can be decontaminated and recycled. Other items will be disposed of as hazardous waste or construction debris.

OSHA Compliance Programs

All Range Officers must receive specific lead exposure training. GB Lead Services offers lead training for Range Officers in compliance with OSHA.

GB Lead Services offers lead exposure training that consists of a half day training session required by OSHA 29 CFR 1926.62 Lead Exposure in Construction Standard and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1025 Lead.

GB Lead Services offers additional training in the following disciplines:

Available Products

Shooting Range Exhaust Filters (Prefilters/HEPA Filters)

Ballistic Rubber (OTR)

Ballistic Rubber Granulate

Ballistic Rubber Block (24" x 12" x 9")

Ballistic Rubber Panels (24" x 24" x 2")