Safety and Regulations

Hazardous work areas will be contained and air is HEPA filtered prior to leaving the containment area.

All materials used and disposed are in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

Hazardous waste will be transported and disposed of by state licensed entities.

Hazardous waste manifests are provided to customers for records.

Materials that may fail TCLP tests for lead to be considered hazardous waste include:

Certifications and Training

Wisconsin Certified Lead Company - No. DHS-2440850

Personal Certifications:

Trevor Vannieuwenhoven
EPA Lead Risk Assessor - LCS 233353
EPA Lead Hazard Investigator
EPA Lead Inspector
EPA Lead Sampling Technician
EPA Certified Lead Supervisor
WI Lead Safe Worker
WI Lead Abatement Worker
Kevin Tachick
Wisconsin Certified Lead Supervisors - LCS 30296
WI Lead Safe Worker
WI Lead Abatement Worker

Liability Insurance

GB Lead Services carries an Occurrence Form Environmental and Pollution General Liability Insurance Policy with a $2,000,000 limit. This policy, along with our statutory limit on Workers Compensation and Automobile Liability is among the best in the Industry.

Request a Quote

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